Custom fit contact lenses

Contact lenses are a great way to see without having to wear glasses. We offer a variety of different contact lens solutions.

Our optometrist has been matching people with contact lenses for over 25 years.

The perfect fit

Since contact lenses actually make contact with the eye, it is important to get lenses that fit perfectly. Lenses that don't fit correctly can be uncomfortable and they can scratch your eyes.

Our optometrist fits a wide variety of contact lenses, from the simple to complex. She fits soft disposable contacts including lenses for astigmatism and bifocals. There are now lenses for single use up to monthly replacement. She also fits gas permeable contacts in many designs including bifocals and contacts for keratoconus.

Our contacts

• Permeable contacts

• Bifocals

• Single use

• Long term

• Special lenses for astigmatism

Affordable solutions

The contacts we offer span a range of prices, allowing you to pick out an option that fits your budget. Stop by our shop and get your eyes tested today.

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