Hard to Fit Contacts

It was not that long ago that contacts simply were not a realistic option for everyone. If you had an interesting eye shape, undergone eye surgery, or experienced certain eye-related afflictions, your options were limited. That is not the case any longer. No matter what you have been told before, our optometrist Lisa M McDevitt OD will help find the right specialty contacts for you. It is one of the reasons she has been successfully serving the greater Reading area for over twenty years.


Finding The Right Hard To Fit Contacts

All proper eye care begins with a thorough eye exam. Our eye doctor will want to get to know you as well as your lifestyle, goals, and your experiences with glasses and contacts. Depending on the nature of the issue, we will then recommend a specialized fitting process designed to put together the ideal hard to fit contacts for you.

Specialty Contacts For Dry Eyes

If you have a problem with dry eyes and have been told you cannot wear contacts as a result, your dry eyes should be treated whether you proceed with specialty contacts or not. Dry Eye Syndrome is not just uncomfortable; it can cause blurred vision and lead to more severe difficulties.

Dr. McDevitt will not only treat your dry eyes, but she will also talk to you about soft contacts and accessories that are designed to be more comfortable with dry eyes. We may recommend a gas permeable contact lens that allows more oxygen to reach the eyes and is less likely to tear or break.

Toric Contacts For Astigmatism

Standard contacts are shaped like little caps for your eyes. If you have blurry or double vision due to astigmatism, your eye may have an irregular shape. A toric contact lens has an altered shape to offset your astigmatism. They are usually soft lenses, but in some situations, a gas permeable lens may be preferred. These lenses are customized for each eye of each patient to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Eye Care For Other Conditions

Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis (GPC) and Keratoconus are both conditions involving a physical distortion of some part of the eye. The eyes are often complicated by protein deposits that sometimes accumulate on contact lenses. Our optometrist will recommend disposable lenses or a customized gas permeable option.

Get Hard to Fit Contacts in Reading, PA

Whatever your condition, whatever the cause, chances are Lisa M McDevitt OD can find the right contact lenses for you. Call our team today at (610) 796-1300 to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

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