Contact Lens Exams

Contacts are an excellent alternative to eyeglasses. The most common reason people choose contacts is because they provide a more natural appearance. Some people prefer contacts because eyeglass frames and dirty lenses can obstruct your vision.

If you are thinking about getting contacts, you will first need to schedule an appointment with Lisa M. McDevitt O.D. for a contact lens exam. If you have an appointment scheduled, you should know what to expect.


Your Prescription

Your eyeglass prescription and your contact lens prescription are not going to be the same. This is because your eyeglass lenses sit about an inch away from your eyes, while contacts rest directly on the cornea. During your contact lens exam, your eye doctor will test your eyes to determine your prescription.

They will also check your eyes to make sure that you do not have a condition that would make it hard to fit for contacts. If you do, your eye doctor can prescribe a special lens designed to treat the condition that you have.

Discuss Your Lifestyle

There are many types of soft contacts on the market today. These include:

  • Daily lenses
  • Weekly lenses
  • Bi-weekly lenses
  • Monthly lenses
  • Extended wear lenses that can be worn for a month without needing to remove them.

When you tell your optometrist a bit about your lifestyle, they will be able to fit you with the contact lenses that will be most convenient for you.

Contact Lens Teaching

When your eye doctor has determined your prescription and selected the best contacts for your eyes and your lifestyle, they will give you a trial pair of contact. You will wear these for a week or two so that you can be sure that they are comfortable, and you can see well.

Before you can wear your contacts home, you will need to know how to insert them, remove them, and care for them properly. During your contact lens exam, you will sit down with a tech who will teach you everything that you need to know. When you can insert and remove your contacts on your own, you can wear the trial pair home.

The Follow-Up Visit

You will return to the eye doctor a week or two later to have your contacts checked. If they are working well, you will be able to order your supply. If you are having any issues, your eye doctor will make the necessary changes, and they will give you another trial pair of contacts.

Call Lisa M. McDevitt O.D. Today

If you believe that contact lenses will be better for you than eyeglasses, schedule an appointment with Lisa M. McDevitt O.D. in Reading. We can perform a contact lens exam, to fit you with a pair of contacts that help you see your best and that are comfortable. To schedule an appointment for a contact lens exam or any other eye care service, give us a call today.

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