The Importance of Sunglasses

Our eyes are vulnerable and prone to damage, so it is vital to protect them. One element you must protect your eyes from is the sun and the UV rays that threaten to damage the eyes. Unprotected eyes are more susceptible to conditions such as cataracts, a build-up of protein that creates a cloud over the surface of the eye. Cataracts affect things like night vision, color vision, and reading vision. UV rays are not only damaging on sunny summer days, but year-round. At Lisa M McDevitt, OD in Reading, PA, we offer a variety of sunglasses to keep your eyes protected.


Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Many people get their sunglasses at a drug store or discount store, and by doing so, they give themselves a false sense of security when it comes to how much their eyes are protected. While inexpensive sunglasses might look dark, they do not always have the UV protection that they claim they do, and can actually damage your eyes in the long run. If your vision is less than perfect, there is even more of a limitation, because you are limited to styles that either clip on to regular glasses or wrap around them. Both of these options are cumbersome. A better option for sunglasses is to get prescription sunglasses from our optometrist that are catered to your vision and adjusted to fit you just right.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses contain a filter that only allows vertical light to pass through. This works to eliminate glare. These lenses are useful if you spend a lot of time participating in activities where you need to fight off the sun in your eyes, such as driving, running, skiing, boating, or golfing. It is a good idea to have polarized lenses that will protect your eyes and help you stay safe while participating in these activities. 

An Important Fashion Choice

Sunglasses aren't just about eye care. They are also about looking good. For many, sunglasses are fashionable. Our optometrist provides a variety of both budget and designer frames that you can choose from. By getting your sunglasses at our facility, you'll have lots of options to get the sunglasses that suit you best. 

Visit Our Facility in Reading, PA for Sunglasses

At Lisa M McDevitt, OD in Reading, PA, our eye doctor provides a variety of sun glasses to protect your eyes. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our eye care services.

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